Born in SHANGHAI CHINA, 1984. 

In 2004 Sun moved to PARIS, and was appointed as the officiaL backstage photographer for both KARL LAGERFELD and CHANEL, worked on reportage, portraits,editorial themes for BAZAAR UK, ANOTHER, MARIE CLAIR and other magazines. 

After moving back to Shanghai in 2012, Sun went on portraits and experimental videos, and worked for VOGUE CHINA and VOGUE ITALY as a professional portrait photographer. Sun mainly works with celebrities, and lots of famous fashion designers, and is also expert in art and sport which are his favourite themes for creation.

孫瑞祥,1984年生于上海。2004年前往巴黎发展,曾擔任Karl LagerfeldChanel的官方記錄攝影師,並為英國版BAZAARANOTHERMARIE CLAIR等雜誌拍攝人物肖像和時裝片。2012年定居上海後,開始主攻人物肖像和實驗影片,成為中國版和意大利版VOGUE的肖像合作攝影師。主要拍攝影視明星肖像,並與眾多知名時尚設計師合作拍摄,尤其擅長並熱愛以藝術、運動為主題的拍攝和創作。现居上海。